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    The UK’s 2010 National Security Strategy identified Cyberattacks as one of the four highest-priority risks faced by the UK. President Obama has declared cybersecurity as one of the most serious economic and national security challenges the US faces as a nation. While usually targeted on specific government or private sector organizations, cyberattacks can, and will, happen to anyone. At the lower level, attacks are more widespread and are initially automated and indiscriminate – any organization with an Internet presence will be scanned, potentially targeted and attacked. Meer info
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    31 Days Before Your CCENT Certification offers you a personable and practical way to understand the certification process and commit to taking the 640-822 ICND1 certification exam while the course material is fresh in your mind. Sign up for the ICND1 exam and use the book’s day-by-day guide and checklist to organize, prepare, and review. Each day in this guide breaks down an exam topic into a manageable bit of information to review using short summaries from relevant parts of the CCNA Discovery courses. Meer info
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    A comprehensive look at the software engineering and programming of 3D engines. This book is a complete guide to the engineering process, starting with a walk-through of the graphics pipeline showing how to construct core elements of 3D systems, including data structures, the math system, and the object system. Meer info
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    This easy-to-follow guide explains not only how Google actually sifts the billions of pages of information its index contains, but shows you how you can improve the performance of your own website in Google's search results, giving specific and detailed instructions about the sort of priority issues you need to address. Meer info
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    This concise, easy-to-follow book introduces key topics in the history of computing from 3000 B.C. to the present. Profiles major figures in computing, covers programming, software and hardware and reviews innovations including the internet and worldwide web. Meer info
  11. € 36,00 € 33,96 Excl.
    Multiagent systems is an expanding field that blends classical fields like game theory and decentralized control with modern fields like computer science and machine learning. This monograph provides a concise introduction to the subject, covering the theoretical foundations as well as more recent developments in a coherent and readable manner. Meer info
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    A reflection on the collaboration and knowledge of working project managers that provides the fundamentals of project management as they apply to a wide range of projects. This internationally recognized standard provides the essential tools to practice project management and deliver organizational results. Meer info
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    This guide is for security professionals who can immediately apply the methodology on the job, and also benefits management who can use the methodology to better understand information security and identify areas for improvement. Meer info
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    Today's most important test design techniques in a single comprehensive volume Meer info
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    This book brings a fresh, pragmatic perspective to the field of software architecture. It assumes that the reader is familiar with software development, but may not be an architect, or even aspire to being one. But the techniques and \"architectural thinking\" taught by this book will be of value to anyone involved in software development. Meer info
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    Research your family′s history without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

    AARP Genealogy Online: Tech to Connect provides you with the know–how to research your family′s history using the latest and greatest online tools and resources. Meer info

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    The essential interaction design guide, fully revised and updated for the mobile age About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design, Fourth Edition  is the latest update to the book that shaped and evolved the landscape of interaction design. This comprehensive guide takes the worldwide shift to smartphones and tablets into account. Meer info
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    Above the Clouds: Managing Risk in the World of Cloud Computing acts as a primer and strategic guide to identify Cloud Computing best practices and associated risks, and reduce the latter to acceptable levels. From software as a service (SaaS) to replacing the entire IT infrastructure, the author serves as an educator, guide and strategist, from runway to getting the organization above the clouds. Valuable tips on how to choose your provider
    of Cloud Services are also offered. Meer info
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    Access is verreweg het populairste databaseprogramma. Om een goede indruk te krijgen van Access bouwt u in het eerste hoofdstuk met enkele muisklikken een eigen database, en van daaruit lopen we de verschillende mogelijkheden van het programma door. U hebt met dit boek de eerste stap gezet om Access onder de knie te krijgen.

    Meer info
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    Microsoft Access 2013 is een relationeel databasesysteem. Een databasesysteem is een programma om gegevens te beheren. Deze gegevens worden in tabellen bewaard. Tussen de tabellen kunnen relaties bestaan.

    Meer info
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    If you have large quantities of data in a Microsoft Access database - and you need to study that data in depth - this book is your dream. Access Data Analysis Cookbook is packed with practical recipes for solving the common problems you run into when extracting data and performing calculations. Each recipe offers step-by-step solutions, and a discussion on how and why it works Meer info
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    Whether you're a developer or a power user, Access Hacks goes beyond tables, forms, and reports to help make your databases and applications more valuable and exciting Meer info
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    This book will be of particular interest to those who have used BS 15000 for service improvements, audits or training and need to update their material to reflect the BS ISO/IEC 20000 standard. BS ISO/IEC 20000 was based on BS 15000, and this book provides a detailed comparison of BS ISO/IEC 20000 and BS 15000, for both Parts 1 and 2. It shows the differences in structure, clause numbering and references.The core of this book is a series of tables detailing the changes to the requirements and recommendations clause-by-clause, as well as any re-wording that has been provided to give clarification for an international audience. Meer info
  36. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book covers the requirements for the capacity management process in clause 6.5 of ISO/IEC 20000. It describes the capacity management process and its role as a link between business plans, workloads, capacity and performance. It also covers the planning required to ensure a service provider is able to deliver a service that allows the customer's business to operate effectively. The book describes capacity management for all types of resources within the scope of service management. Meer info
  37. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book covers the configuration, change management and release management processes which are contained in clauses 9 and 10 of ISO/IEC 20000. It compares the three processes and describes how they interface with each other, and gives advice on the requirements and recommendations of ISO/IEC 20000, example metrics and audit evidence. This book also includes practical advice on meeting the ISO/IEC 20000 requirements on the roles and responsibilities of those involved. Meer info
  38. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book covers Budgeting and accounting for IT services based on clause 6.4 of ISO/IEC 20000. It introduces financial terms that may be unfamiliar to service management specialists, which will help with understanding the requirements and recommendations. It also covers the relationship between budgeting, accounting and charging, and outlines the importance of service management processes in regulatory compliance. Meer info
  39. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    The opening paragraph of ISO/IEC 20000-1 states that 'This standard promotes the adoption of an integrated process approach to effectively deliver managed services to meet the business and customer requirements'. This book reflects the importance placed by ISO/IEC 20000 on understanding the interfaces between processes, and how the interfaces are managed so that service management processes are fully integrated. It also reflects the top-down management system approach that is fundamental to ISO/IEC 20000. This book describes how understanding and meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 20000 gives better control, greater efficiency and opportunities for improvements. Meer info
  40. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book covers the service continuity and availability management, incident management and problem management processes, which are contained in clauses 6.3 and 8 of ISO/IEC 20000. It explains the role of these processes in keeping the customer's service going, ranging from continuity planning through to the fast-fixing of incidents. It compares the processes, and describes how they interface with each other. It includes example metrics and audit evidence, with practical tips and techniques that will help a service provider achieve the requirements. Meer info
  41. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book gives a practical view of why metrics and service reports are so important to the delivery of an effective service and to service improvements. It describes the types, the design, target audiences and documentation of metrics used in the service reporting process, covered by the requirements of clauses 4 and 6.2 of ISO/IEC 20000-1, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and Service reporting. Useful tips, techniques and example metrics are included. Meer info
  42. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    Describing the role of management and the decisions they are faced with if their organisations are to achieve compliance with the standard. It is used in assisting managers in deciding if the standard is appropriate for their organisation (or service provider) by outlining what in involved in making the improvements, the roles and responsibilities of management, the types of assessment scheme available and how to prepare for an audit. Meer info
  43. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    The publication describes the requirements for the management of the end-to end services provided by three processes – service level management, business relationship management and supplier management. Only service providers who recognise the importance of all three and the need for them to work closely together have any chance of an effective supply chain implementation. Meer info
  44. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book covers the roles and responsibilities of management and process owners, and explains the importance of management commitment to best practice service management, mapping onto the requirements and recommendations of clause 3.1 of ISO/IEC 20000 Management responsibility. The book also covers the importance of motivation, training and career development, as well as tips and techniques, mapping onto the requirements of clause 3.3 of ISO/IEC 20000-1, Competence, awareness and training. Meer info
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    Written by a leading expert in the field, this groundbreaking volume provides an overview of the team culture required to develop quality software. It helps groups in a software team communicate more effectively and overcome the conflict created by their different perceptions of quality. Meer info
  47. € 14,95 € 14,10 Excl.

    "Action Learning for Managers" is a clear, concise and straightforward guide to this well-established approach to problem solving and learning in groups that enables change in individuals, teams, organizations and systems. Through action learning people develop themselves and build the relationships that are the key to improving operations and bringing about innovations.With questionnaires, checklists, examples and practical advice, this little book includes everything you need to get started. Action learning is essentially a simple idea but one that requires thought, commitment and care to put into practice.

    Meer info
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    Recent trends in computer architecture make concurrency and parallelism an essential ingredient of efficient program execution. The actor model of concurrency allows you to express real-world concurrency in a natural way using concurrent processes that communicate via asynchronous messages. Scala is a programming language for the Java virtual machine, providing excellent support for both object-oriented and functional programming. By including a powerful actor framework in its standard library, Scala offers a compelling approach to tackle concurrent programming. Meer info
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    Apply powerful new Acrobat 6 tools to prepress preparation, streamline PDF workflows, create Internet-ready content, and more Meer info
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