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    Automotive Software is part of the Progress in Technology Automotive Electronics Series and details the need for rapid software development necessitated by the ever increasing complexity of automotive electronics. This book contains 73 papers grouped into 8 different categories, including various aspects of software development, methodology, application and more. Meer info
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    This intuitive, applications-driven guide to electronics doesn't overload you with technical detail. Instead, it tells you - and shows you - what basic and advanced electronics parts and components do, and how they work. Practical Electronics for Inventors offers over 750 hand-drawn images that provide clear, detailed instructions that can help turn theoretical ideas into realities. Meer info
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    This book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date description of all the important methods for the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of reliable engineering products and systems. Students, engineers and managers alike will find this a valuable reference source Meer info
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    BASCOM-AVR - eine Entwicklungsumgebung für die AVR RISC Mikrocontroller ist ein beispiel dafür, dass leistungsfähige Entwicklungsumgebungen auch kostengünstig zur Verfügung gestellt werden können.
    In dieser zweiten, bearbeiteten und erweiterten Auflage stehen die megaAVR mit ihren weiterentwickelten Merkmalen im Vordergrund. Aber auch die restlichen Mitglieder der AVR-Familie werden in die Betrachtungen einbezogen. Meer info
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    \\"The best self-teaching book and reference book in electronics ... The beauty and fun of electronics shows through.\\" - Radio Communication Meer info
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