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  1. € 36,95 € 34,86 Excl.
    Recent trends in computer architecture make concurrency and parallelism an essential ingredient of efficient program execution. The actor model of concurrency allows you to express real-world concurrency in a natural way using concurrent processes that communicate via asynchronous messages. Scala is a programming language for the Java virtual machine, providing excellent support for both object-oriented and functional programming. By including a powerful actor framework in its standard library, Scala offers a compelling approach to tackle concurrent programming. Meer info
  2. € 35,90 € 33,87 Excl.
    Project behavior patterns are clues to understanding what otherwise can only be mysterious. This book is a starter kit to help you make sense of the human element in group endeavors.
    The principals of the Atlantic System Guild - authors of Mastering the Requirements Process, Waltzing with Bears, The Deadline, Essential Systems Analysis, Peopleware and many more - have distilled their observations on hundreds of projects to identify the behavior patterns that help and the ones that hurt. Meer info
  3. € 54,90 € 51,79 Excl.
    Multiagent systems represent a new way of conceptualising and implementing distributed software. An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems is the first modern textbook on this important topic. It provides a comprehensive introduction to intelligent agents and multiagent systems, and assumes no specialist knowledge. Meer info
  4. € 19,95 € 18,82 Excl.
  5. € 32,90

    € 10,00 € 9,43 Excl.

    A comprehensive guide to using RadRails to develop your Ruby on Rails projects in a professional and productive manner.
    You will also learn how to use other Eclipse plugins for synchronizing your projects with Subversion and for managing your databases.
    Even though the book explains everything you need to follow the contents, the focus is on how to use the tool and not on the Rails framework itself, so previous working knowledge of Rails is highly advisable. Previous knowledge of Eclipse is not necessary. Meer info
  6. € 21,45 € 20,24 Excl.
    Die Entwicklung hochkomplexer automotiver Infotainmentsysteme bestehend aus einer Headunit und weiteren Komponenten wie Audio- und Videoelementen, Kommunikationseinheiten, Navigationssystemen und Sensorik erfordert solides Domänenwissen und umfassendes Know-how im Software-Engineering. Das vorliegende Buch gibt eine fundierte Darstellung der softwareseitigen Implementierung dieser Komponenten innerhalb eines komplexen Frameworks. Im ersten Teil des Buches werden wichtige Grundlagen zu Eingebetteten Systemen und den für diese Systeme charakteristischen Methoden des Software-Engineerings vermittelt. Im zweiten Teil wird eine konkrete, objektorientierte Implementierung eines Frameworks dargestellt. Meer info
  7. € 12,50 € 11,79 Excl.
  8. € 45,95 € 43,35 Excl.
  9. € 28,90 € 27,26 Excl.
    This book is intended for anyone in or around the software-solution development lifecycle including those who deliver, those who need someone else to deliver, or those who like to watch or wonder about the delivery of software from an idea on a napkin to a tangible, usable marketplace solution. Meer info
  10. € 39,90 € 37,64 Excl.
    Dit boek helpt organisaties om requirements goed te schrijven. De auteurs putten daarbij uit hun jarenlange adviespraktijk. Meer info
  11. € 23,45 € 22,12 Excl.
  12. € 37,90 € 35,75 Excl.
    This book provides an introduction to Bluetooth programming, with a specific focus on developing real code. The authors discuss the major concepts and techniques involved in Bluetooth programming, with special emphasis on how they relate to other networking technologies. They provide specific descriptions and examples for creating applications in a number of programming languages and environments, including Python, C, Java, GNU/Linux, Windows XP, Symbian Series 60, and Mac OS X. Meer info
  13. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    Ten practical real-world case studies combining business process management and web services orchestration Meer info
  14. € 41,30 € 38,96 Excl.
    This book will help you understand the various SOA tools available as part of the Netbeans IDE that will enable you to build an enterprise grade, scalable application in a short period using a single development interface.
    The last part of the book gives a full fledged incremental example showing how you can build a complex composite application.
    This book is for enterprise developers and architects interested in using NetBeans IDE and OpenESB tools to build their SOA-based applications. Meer info
  15. € 47,70 € 45,00 Excl.
    An in-depth and comprehensive guide to the Plone content management system Meer info
  16. € 55,90 € 52,74 Excl.
    A Comprehensive Overview of Component-Based Development for the Enterprise Meer info
  17. € 49,80 € 46,98 Excl.
    This book describes a pragmatic approach to Business Process Modeling BPMN and the automatic mapping of BPMN to BPEL. The book also covers related technologies such as Business Rules Management and Business Activity Monitoring, which play a pivotal role in achieving closed-loop Business Process Management. Meer info
  18. € 48,80 € 46,04 Excl.
    Develop business process models for implementation in a business process management system Meer info
  19. € 64,90 € 61,23 Excl.
  20. € 64,90 € 61,23 Excl.
    The Equivalent of 7 Full SCJA Sample Exams! Meer info
  21. € 29,90

    € 10,00 € 9,43 Excl.

    Design, develop, test, and deploy applications with the open-source Catalyst MVC framework Meer info
  22. € 39,20 € 36,98 Excl.
    Design, develop, test, and deploy your Python web applications easily
    CherryPy is a Python library for web development that allows developers to build web applications in the same way as any other object-oriented Python program. This book is principally geared towards web developers who wish to learn how the Python programming language can fit their requirements. Although the CherryPy toolkit is at the core of the book many other common libraries are introduced, therefore opening the book to a larger audience. Meer info
  23. € 49,95 € 47,12 Excl.
    Das Buch beschreibt im Detail:
    - Entstehung, Aufbau und Varianten des CMMI
    - die einzelnen, im CMMI als Prozessgebiete bezeichneten Themengebiete
    - Vergleich mit dem Vorgängermodell CMM
    - Einführung und Nutzung des Modells
    - Interpretation der einzelnen Anforderungen des CMMI
    - Grenzen des Modells
    - Assessments Meer info
  24. € 39,90

    € 25,00 € 23,58 Excl.

    SCJP: Sun Certified Java Programmer. SCJD: Sun Certified Java Developer Meer info
  25. € 41,90 € 39,53 Excl.
    The programmer's guide to DB2... NOW, expanded and updated!
    If you're looking for a practical DB2 book that focuses on application programming, this is the book for you. Written from the programmer's point of view, it will quickly teach you what you need to know to access and process DB2 data in your COBOL programs using embedded SQL. Meer info
  26. € 31,90 € 30,09 Excl.
    Learn What Usability Really Is, Why to Strive for It, and How to Achieve It.
    Some chapters are written primarily for programmers, one primarily for managers. Most are for everyone, and all are filled with illuminating, often amusing examples drawn from both inside and outside the technical world. A helpful appendix provides information on standards, usability groups, and sources for more information Meer info
  27. € 52,90 € 49,91 Excl.
    Authoritative coverage of all exam objectives for UBM Test 287. Covers the J2EE 1.3, EJB 2.0, and Java Servlet 2.3 specifications. Fully updated for WebSphere Studio Application Developer, V5.0 and WebSphere Application Server V5 Meer info
  28. € 30,90 € 29,15 Excl.
    \"Dive Into Python\" is a hands-on guide to the Python language. Each chapter starts with a real complete code sample, proceeds to pick it apart and explain the pieces, and then puts it all back together again in a summary at the end. This book will be a guide for people who can jump into languages fast and get going. Meer info
  29. € 53,90 € 50,85 Excl.
    This book covers all relevant concepts of Eclipse 4 RCP development and contains exercises and tutorials to practice these concepts. The migration of existing Eclipse 3.x based RCP applications is also briefly covered. After a short introduction into the Eclipse platform, you perform a full development cycle of an Eclipse 4 application, from creation to deployment. After this first full development cycle, the book guides you through all aspects of Eclipse 4 development using an extended example which you continue to extend in the exercises. Meer info
  30. € 20,90 € 19,72 Excl.
    Instead of casting a shadow, Eclipse really brightens the IDE landscape, and this book shines plenty of light on using every feature. It'll help you download and install Eclipse, find out how to use all the views, perspectives, and project properties, and get busy developing effective Java applications, all without seeing stars Meer info
  31. € 48,90 € 46,13 Excl.
    If you have any programming experience at all, this book will teach you how to use Eclipse in the most effective way, walking you through building your first application in Eclipse Meer info
  32. € 32,90 € 31,04 Excl.
    This book covers the core elements of EJB 3 technology, exploring them in a concise manner with many supporting examples. You will gain a thorough understanding of EJB 3 technology and learn about the most important features of EJB 3 quickly. This book is a fast-paced tutorial which explores the key features of EJB 3 with many accompanying examples. Meer info
  33. € 43,95 € 41,46 Excl.
    Embedded System Design provides the material for a first course on embedded systems, but can also be used by PhD students and professors. A key goal of this book is to provide an overview of embedded system design and to relate the most important topics in embedded system design to each other. It should help to motivate students as well as professors to put more emphasis on education in embedded systems. In order to facilitate teaching from this book, slides, exercises and other related material can be downloaded via the author's web page. Meer info
  34. € 28,90 € 27,26 Excl.
    Learn to utilize today's hottest EAI technologies to ensure interoperability across your organization Meer info
  35. € 69,95

    € 50,00 € 47,17 Excl.

    - Your complete guide to individual service-oriented architectures
    - Industry-specific solutions for implementing enterprise SOA
    - Volumes of lessons learned and best practices for re-designing your system architecture Meer info
  36. € 32,90 € 31,04 Excl.
    The guide to the Foundations of the Pascal language Meer info
  37. € 37,10 € 35,00 Excl.
    Even if you find writing Python code easy, writing code that is efficient and easy to maintain and reuse is not so straightforward. This book will show you how to do just that. It will show you how Python development should be done.
    This book is for Python developers who are already building applications, but want to build better ones by applying best practices and new development techniques to their projects. Meer info
  38. € 49,50 € 46,70 Excl.
    How to Bid, Control, and Complete Your Software Projects Using Metrics Meer info
  39. € 29,90

    € 15,00 € 14,15 Excl.

    FXRuby is one of the most popular libraries for developing graphical user interface applications in Ruby. This book, written by FXRuby's lead developer, is the quickest and easiest way to get started using FXRuby. Meer info
  40. € 91,90 € 86,70 Excl.
    This thoroughly revised fourth edition of the popular book, Handbook of Software Quality Assurance, brings together the latest SQA (software quality assurance) methods, recognizing the importance of CMMI and the ISO 9000-3 standard. This unique book offers a wide spectrum of experiences and issues presented from leading experts in SQA, DQA (development quality assurance), and software development and management. The fourth edition is a significant update to past editions, covering the very latest and most important topics in the field. Meer info
  41. € 99,90 € 94,25 Excl.
    Hard Real-Time Computing Systems is a basic treatise on real-time computing, with particular emphasis on predictable scheduling algorithms. The main objectives of the book are to introduce the basic concepts of real-time computing, illustrate the most significant results in the field, and provide the basic methodologies for designing predictable computing systems useful in supporting critical control applications. Meer info
  42. € 34,90 € 32,92 Excl.
    This book introduces IBM Rational Business Developer, a software-development environment that lets you write enterprise applications quickly. The main subject is EGL, the high-level language at the heart of Rational Business Developer.
    Use of EGL simplifies software creation, shielding you from the intricate details of technical change so you can focus on business issues. Use of EGL also lets your company retain developers who are knowledgeable in business processes, even if those developers lack the time needed to stay current with technical innovation. Meer info
  43. € 48,80

    € 10,00 € 9,43 Excl.

    The complete guide to installing and configuring the GlassFish Application Server and developing Java EE 5 applications to be deployed to this server Meer info
  44. € 76,90 € 72,55 Excl.
    - Fully updated, including the latest software version (download)
    - Learn java by comparing it to RPG Meer info
  45. € 35,90 € 33,87 Excl.
  46. € 44,90 € 42,36 Excl.
    Covering over 220 interview questions and answers on: Java; J2EE, SWING; Applet; Servlets; JSP; EJB; JNDI; RMI; JDBC; LDAP; JMS; XML; RUP; UML; STRUTS; SQL; Design concepts & design patterns; JUnit, Ant, CVS; Development process; Emerging technologies / frameworks like AOP, IOC, Hibernate, Spring, JSF etc. Meer info
  47. € 37,10 € 35,00 Excl.
    This book is about developing Java/J2EE applications with a database component in Oracle JDeveloper (version 10.1.3). The book covers the practical aspects of JDBC (version 4.0). The book will teach application developers about setting the environment for developing various JDBC-based J2EE applications and the procedure to develop JDBC-based J2EE applications. It will also explore the new features added in JDBC 4.0. Meer info
  48. € 29,90 € 28,21 Excl.
    Scrum and Kanban are two flavours of Agile software development - two deceptively simple but surprisingly powerful approaches to software development. So how do they relate to each other? The purpose of this book is to clear up the fog, so you can figure out how Kanban and Scrum might be useful in your environment. Meer info
  49. € 41,90 € 39,53 Excl.
    Kanban is becoming a popular way to visualize and limit work-in-progress in software development and information technology work. Teams around the world are adding kanban around their existing processes to catalyze cultural change and deliver better business agility. This book answers the questions: What is Kanban? Why would I want to use Kanban? How do I go about implementing Kanban? How do I recognize improvement opportunities and what should I do about them? Meer info
  50. € 25,45 € 24,01 Excl.
    Software development is not just about writing code - we need to manage the entire process.
    This book looks at that process, how it can be managed, and how Trac and Subversion can help us achieve this. It combines theory with practical knowledge and experience that most developers will relate to.
    Trac is an open-source, web-based project management and bug-tracking tool. Trac is written in the Python programming language. In computing, Subversion (SVN) is a version control system (VCS). Meer info
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