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Computerboeken - Technisch/wetenschappelijke software

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  1. € 74,45 € 70,24 Excl.
  2. € 69,00 € 65,09 Excl.
    Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop introduces principles of GIS as it teaches the mechanics of using ESRI’s leading technology. Meer info
  3. € 32,90 € 31,04 Excl.
    This engaging book is a concise introduction to the essentials of the MATLAB programming language.
    Learning MATLAB is ideal for readers seeking
    - a focused and brief approach to the software,
    - numerous examples and exercises involving the software's most useful and sophisticated features, and
    - an overview of the most common scientific computing tasks for which the software can be used. Meer info
  4. € 22,90

    € 10,00 € 9,43 Excl.

    Lining Up Data in ArcGIS: A Guide to Map Projections is an easy-to-navigate troubleshooting reference for any GIS user with the common problem of data misalignment.
    Complete with full-color maps and diagrams, Lining Up Data in ArcGIS presents practical techniques on how to identify data projections, create custom projections to align data, and solve common data alignment problems. This book will benefit new and experienced GIS users alike. Meer info
  5. € 34,90

    € 15,00 € 14,15 Excl.

    This easy-to-understand guide emphasizes the top twenty skills most people need Meer info
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