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  1. € 36,00 € 33,96 Excl.
    Multiagent systems is an expanding field that blends classical fields like game theory and decentralized control with modern fields like computer science and machine learning. This monograph provides a concise introduction to the subject, covering the theoretical foundations as well as more recent developments in a coherent and readable manner. Meer info
  2. € 65,95 € 62,22 Excl.
    Today's most important test design techniques in a single comprehensive volume Meer info
  3. € 30,00 € 28,30 Excl.
    This book brings a fresh, pragmatic perspective to the field of software architecture. It assumes that the reader is familiar with software development, but may not be an architect, or even aspire to being one. But the techniques and \"architectural thinking\" taught by this book will be of value to anyone involved in software development. Meer info
  4. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book will be of particular interest to those who have used BS 15000 for service improvements, audits or training and need to update their material to reflect the BS ISO/IEC 20000 standard. BS ISO/IEC 20000 was based on BS 15000, and this book provides a detailed comparison of BS ISO/IEC 20000 and BS 15000, for both Parts 1 and 2. It shows the differences in structure, clause numbering and references.The core of this book is a series of tables detailing the changes to the requirements and recommendations clause-by-clause, as well as any re-wording that has been provided to give clarification for an international audience. Meer info
  5. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book covers the requirements for the capacity management process in clause 6.5 of ISO/IEC 20000. It describes the capacity management process and its role as a link between business plans, workloads, capacity and performance. It also covers the planning required to ensure a service provider is able to deliver a service that allows the customer's business to operate effectively. The book describes capacity management for all types of resources within the scope of service management. Meer info
  6. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book covers the configuration, change management and release management processes which are contained in clauses 9 and 10 of ISO/IEC 20000. It compares the three processes and describes how they interface with each other, and gives advice on the requirements and recommendations of ISO/IEC 20000, example metrics and audit evidence. This book also includes practical advice on meeting the ISO/IEC 20000 requirements on the roles and responsibilities of those involved. Meer info
  7. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book covers Budgeting and accounting for IT services based on clause 6.4 of ISO/IEC 20000. It introduces financial terms that may be unfamiliar to service management specialists, which will help with understanding the requirements and recommendations. It also covers the relationship between budgeting, accounting and charging, and outlines the importance of service management processes in regulatory compliance. Meer info
  8. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    The opening paragraph of ISO/IEC 20000-1 states that 'This standard promotes the adoption of an integrated process approach to effectively deliver managed services to meet the business and customer requirements'. This book reflects the importance placed by ISO/IEC 20000 on understanding the interfaces between processes, and how the interfaces are managed so that service management processes are fully integrated. It also reflects the top-down management system approach that is fundamental to ISO/IEC 20000. This book describes how understanding and meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 20000 gives better control, greater efficiency and opportunities for improvements. Meer info
  9. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book covers the service continuity and availability management, incident management and problem management processes, which are contained in clauses 6.3 and 8 of ISO/IEC 20000. It explains the role of these processes in keeping the customer's service going, ranging from continuity planning through to the fast-fixing of incidents. It compares the processes, and describes how they interface with each other. It includes example metrics and audit evidence, with practical tips and techniques that will help a service provider achieve the requirements. Meer info
  10. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book gives a practical view of why metrics and service reports are so important to the delivery of an effective service and to service improvements. It describes the types, the design, target audiences and documentation of metrics used in the service reporting process, covered by the requirements of clauses 4 and 6.2 of ISO/IEC 20000-1, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and Service reporting. Useful tips, techniques and example metrics are included. Meer info
  11. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    Describing the role of management and the decisions they are faced with if their organisations are to achieve compliance with the standard. It is used in assisting managers in deciding if the standard is appropriate for their organisation (or service provider) by outlining what in involved in making the improvements, the roles and responsibilities of management, the types of assessment scheme available and how to prepare for an audit. Meer info
  12. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    The publication describes the requirements for the management of the end-to end services provided by three processes – service level management, business relationship management and supplier management. Only service providers who recognise the importance of all three and the need for them to work closely together have any chance of an effective supply chain implementation. Meer info
  13. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
    This book covers the roles and responsibilities of management and process owners, and explains the importance of management commitment to best practice service management, mapping onto the requirements and recommendations of clause 3.1 of ISO/IEC 20000 Management responsibility. The book also covers the importance of motivation, training and career development, as well as tips and techniques, mapping onto the requirements of clause 3.3 of ISO/IEC 20000-1, Competence, awareness and training. Meer info
  14. € 89,90 € 84,81 Excl.
    Written by a leading expert in the field, this groundbreaking volume provides an overview of the team culture required to develop quality software. It helps groups in a software team communicate more effectively and overcome the conflict created by their different perceptions of quality. Meer info
  15. € 34,90

    € 25,00 € 23,58 Excl.

    This publication, Agile Project and Service Management - Delivering IT Services using PRINCE2, ITIL and DSDM Atern, offers practical guidance on how to deliver an IT Service by employing ITIL, PRINCE2, and DSDM Atern together and discusses all three approaches, provides an overview, and the benefits of each. It also describes the issues that arise from implementing ITIL, the structure and content of PRINCE2, the breadth of DSDM and how they fit together, where the common areas sit, and where the specialities for each exist. Meer info
  16. € 84,90 € 80,09 Excl.
  17. € 42,47 € 40,07 Excl.
    Dit boek beschrijft op een praktische wijze een gestructureerde aanpak voor testautomatisering: TAKT. Deze aanpak is ontwikkeld op basis van de meerjarige ervaring van de auteurs en stelt 'Kennis' over het toepassen en integreren van de expertises 'Testen', 'Automatiseren' en 'Tools' centraal. De aanpak richt zich met name op technische aspecten en implementatieaspecten. Meer info
  18. € 45,95 € 43,35 Excl.
  19. € 84,90 € 80,09 Excl.
  20. € 49,90 € 47,08 Excl.
    ITIL - The key to Managing IT services Meer info
  21. € 84,90

    € 50,00 € 47,17 Excl.

    Service providers need to offer business users adequate support - Service Delivery covers all aspects that must be taken into consideration. Issues covered include Service Level Management, Financial Management for IT Services, IT Service Continuity Management, Availability Management Contingency Planning and Capacity Management. Each component of service delivery is discussed separately in the book. Meer info
  22. € 84,90

    € 50,00 € 47,17 Excl.

    IT Service Management is concerned with delivering and supporting IT services that are appropriate to the business requirements of the organisation. ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library) is fast becoming an international de facto standard, providing a comprehensive, consistent and coherent set of best practices for IT Service Management, promoting a quality approach to achieving business effectiveness and efficiency in the use of information systems. Service support is the first title to emerge from this process. Meer info
  23. € 187,45 € 176,84 Excl.
  24. € 59,95 € 56,56 Excl.
    BPMN 2.0 is the industry standard diagramming language for business process models. The meaning of the business process diagram is the same, regardless of the tool used to create it. But creating models that are correct, complete, and clear demands more than a dictionary of BPMN shapes and symbols. It also requires a methodology for translating process logic consistently into the diagram. And it requires a measure of modeling style as well, conventions that ensure that the process logic is unambiguous from the diagram by itself. In short, \\"good BPMN\\" requires a disciplined approach called \\"method and style.\\" Meer info
  25. € 30,00

    € 15,00 € 14,15 Excl.

    This publication is a guide that clearly explains how you can build a successful Service Management department by following nine clearly explained steps.
    The nine-step plan has been based around ITIL using ITIL V3 for inspiration and ITIL V2 as a reference source. Meer info
  26. € 23,90 € 22,55 Excl.
    This pocket guides sets out a common vocabulary for business continuity. The terms and definitions included in this pocket guide are taken from various sources, including: Business Continuity Institute (BCI); Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI); ITILv3; ISO 27001; BS7799-3:2006; ISO/IEC 20000. Meer info
  27. € 49,80 € 46,98 Excl.
    This book describes a pragmatic approach to Business Process Modeling BPMN and the automatic mapping of BPMN to BPEL. The book also covers related technologies such as Business Rules Management and Business Activity Monitoring, which play a pivotal role in achieving closed-loop Business Process Management. Meer info
  28. € 46,90 € 44,25 Excl.
    Business Process Management: A Rigorous Approach provides a method for working with business processes in the language of the business, yet with the precision needed by IT. It is essential reading whether you are an IT person wanting to really understand business processes as a first step in developing requirements for traditional IT or Third Wave BPM systems; or a business manager involved in requirements definition, process improvement or process design work. Meer info
  29. € 19,00 € 17,92 Excl.
    There has never been a Business Process Management manual like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of Business Process Management. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print. Meer info
  30. € 48,80 € 46,04 Excl.
    Develop business process models for implementation in a business process management system Meer info
  31. € 69,95

    € 50,00 € 47,17 Excl.

    - Discover a comprehensive framework for implementing Business Process Management
    - Gain insights and experience from leading companies on their BPM journey
    - Learn how to benefit from Enterprise SOA using BPM and SAP's technology Meer info
  32. € 59,90 € 56,51 Excl.
    There is a fundamental dilemma in the world of IT: the technical challenges and opportunities have never been greater, but at the same time the role of IT and the role of the CIO has never been questioned more. The relationship between business and IT is in many companies at an all-time low. The model of Alignment that we've pursued for more than 20 years in IT doesn't work anymore. It's time for change. It's time for a radical change in the relationship between business and IT. It's time for Fusion. Meer info
  33. € 35,90 € 33,87 Excl.
    Changing the IT Leader's Mindset is designed for the busy executive. Short and concise, it does not try to paint the necessary personal transition as a simplistic process or procedure, but focuses on an understanding of human nature and evolutionary psychology. By employing key steps and reflective points, it provides useful tools and sound advice to help you get to grips with balancing soft skills with hard techniques, letting you break out of the IT stereotype and bring innovation into the inner sanctum of your organisation. Meer info
  34. € 62,90 € 59,34 Excl.
    Complete coverage of all the domains for the ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor exam
    Ideal as both a study tool and an on-the-job reference
    Filled with practice exam questions and in-depth explanations Meer info
  35. € 59,95 € 56,56 Excl.
    Publisher: Jeff Weigant Meer info
  36. € 28,90 € 27,26 Excl.
    This Is A Study Of Human Control Functions And Mechanico-Electrical Systems Designed To Replace Them. Meer info
  37. € 25,90 € 24,43 Excl.
    If you're a business user, architect, analyst, designer or developer, then you've probably had some bad data days. It comes with the territory. Overcoming these problems is much easier if you have an in-depth understanding of the actual data. That's where a data model comes in handy. It's a diagram that uses text and symbols to represent groupings of data, giving you a clear picture of your business and application environment. Data Modeling Made Simple provides the tools you need to read, create and validate models of your business and applications. Meer info
  38. € 84,80 € 80,00 Excl.
    Dit boek maakt deel uit van de serie leerboeken die horen bij de examenspecificaties voor de modulen van I-Tracks Meer info
  39. € 25,95 € 24,48 Excl.
    Dit boek gaat over mobiele organisatie als een organisatie met ambulante medewerkers of mobiele apparaten, die informatie uitwisselen met de rest van de organisatie of met klanten met behulp van mobiele-communicatietechnologie Meer info
  40. € 69,00 € 65,09 Excl.
    As more organisations are maturing in their understanding and use of ITIL's Service Level Management (SLM) process, they are realising that the Service Catalog is a critical piece of the puzzle. This book explains how IT executives can use a Service Catalog to define, measure, cost and govern increasingly complex IT services. Meer info
  41. € 31,90 € 30,09 Excl.
    Learn What Usability Really Is, Why to Strive for It, and How to Achieve It.
    Some chapters are written primarily for programmers, one primarily for managers. Most are for everyone, and all are filled with illuminating, often amusing examples drawn from both inside and outside the technical world. A helpful appendix provides information on standards, usability groups, and sources for more information Meer info
  42. € 34,50 € 32,55 Excl.
    In ECDL-Compact, Module 1-2-7 worden drie modules besproken: 1 ICT-theorie, 2 Windows XP en 7 Internet en e-mail.
    Elke module bestaat uit een aantal hoofdstukken met een vaste opbouw. Aan het begin staat een lijstje met onderwerpen. Daarna volgt de behandeling, vooral aan de hand van praktische opdrachten. Alles met veel illustraties. Elk hoofdstuk eindigt met vragen (module 1) of eindopdrachten (modules 2 en 7).
    Halverwege de module en aan het eind maakt de cursist een oefentoets. Als de module klaar is, volgt een eindtoets. Meer info
  43. € 15,00 € 14,15 Excl.
  44. € 17,00 € 16,04 Excl.
    Goedgekeurd lesmateriaal Syllabus versie 4.00 Nederland-België Meer info
  45. € 17,95 € 16,93 Excl.
    Goedgekeurd lesmateriaal Syllabus versie 4.0 Nederland-België Meer info
  46. € 17,00 € 16,04 Excl.
    Goedgekeurd lesmateriaal Syllabus Versie 4.0 Nederland-België Meer info
  47. € 25,00 € 23,58 Excl.
    Getting it Right: Business Requirement Analysis Tools and Techniques, presents principles and practices for effective requirements analysis and specification, and a broad overview of the requirements analysis and specification processes. This critical reference is designed to help the business analyst decide which requirement artifacts should be produced to adequately analyze requirements. Meer info
  48. € 37,00 € 34,91 Excl.
    Harde en concrete specificatie voor interfaces, gebaseerd op eenvoudige psychologie van bewegen, kijken, praten, leren en denken. Geen techniek, marketing, design, beleving, experience, intuïtief, look and feel, meningen en zo.
    Boek 1 richt zich op het concrete ontwerpen van de invoer, het beeldscherm en de teksten en heeft vooral een 'how to'-karakter. Meer info
  49. € 40,00

    € 20,00 € 18,87 Excl.

    Harde en concrete specificatie voor interfaces, gebaseerd op eenvoudige psychologie van bewegen, kijken, praten, leren en denken. Geen techniek, marketing, design, beleving, experience, intuïtief, look and feel, meningen en zo.
    Boek 2 richt zich op het conceptuele ontwerp voor help, beginners/experts, normen/guidelines, menu/navigatie en heeft noodzakelijkerwijs tevens een 'why this way'-karakter. Het geeft inzicht in deze concepten en de praktische consequenties voor het ontwerpen van interfaces. Velen voelen wel aan dat er soms iets niet klopt met de huidige interfaces. Psychologisch inzicht laat zien waarom het niet klopt en wat je eraan moet doen. Meer info
  50. € 149,90 € 141,42 Excl.
    Handbook of Enterprise Systems Architecture in Practice provides a comprehensive and unified overview of practical aspects of enterprise architecture. This Premier Reference Source includes a complete analysis of EA theory, concepts, strategies, implementation challenges, and case studies. The impact of effective enterprise architecture on IT governance, IT portfolio management, IT risks, and IT outsourcing are described in this authoritative reference tool. Meer info
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