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  1. € 41,30 € 38,96 Excl.
    The new .NET CF 3.5 Framework provides data-driven application developers with a whole arsenal of possibilities at their disposal, but without proper guidance on developing performance-critical data-driven applications, it is easy to make the wrong design and technology decisions. This book guides you to build each part of a robust data-driven application by illustrating the .NET CF 3.5 Framework with the help of real-world business applications. Meer info
  2. € 39,90 € 37,64 Excl.
    Learn about: 3DNow! MMX, SSE, SSE-2, SSE-3, AMD64, and EM64T instruction sets; The similarities of and differences between various 80x86 processors; Boolean bit manipulation; Data swizzling, shuffling, and splatting; Integer and floating-point math operations; Branching and branchless coding methods; Coding standards; Debugging functions Meer info
  3. € 70,95 € 66,93 Excl.
    A comprehensive look at the software engineering and programming of 3D engines. This book is a complete guide to the engineering process, starting with a walk-through of the graphics pipeline showing how to construct core elements of 3D systems, including data structures, the math system, and the object system. Meer info
  4. € 31,90 € 30,09 Excl.
    Offering readers the solid fundamentals of database concepts and data manipulation with C#, this book explains database management system (DBMS) types and features and covers SQL, ASP.NET applications, web services, and transaction management techniques, including how to deal with concurrency issues Meer info
  5. € 34,95 € 32,97 Excl.
  6. € 32,95 € 31,08 Excl.
    C++11 ist der neue C++ Standard, der unmittelbar vor der Verabschiedung steht. C++11 macht den C++-Programmierer fit für die Zukunft. Dies umfasst Themen wie Threading, Funktionale Programmierung, automatisches Speichermanagement, reguläre Ausdrücke ..., um nur ein paar zu nennen. Bjarne Stroustrup, der Erfinder von C++, bringt es kurz und prägnant auf den Punkt:\"C++11 feels like a new language\" In diesem Buch lernen Sie C++11 kennen und insbesondere anwenden. Aufbauend auf vielen Beispielen führt es in die vielen neuen Features ein, um die anspruchsvolleren C++-Anwendungen zu meistern. Meer info
  7. € 32,90 € 31,04 Excl.
    Now in the 5th edition, Cracking the Coding Interview gives you the interview preparation you need to get the top software developer jobs. This is a deeply technical book and focuses on the software engineering skills to ace your interview. The book is over 500 pages and includes 150 programming interview questions and answers, as well as other advice. Meer info
  8. € 44,90 € 42,36 Excl.
    C# programmers: no more translating data structures from C++ or Java to use in your programs! Mike McMillan provides a tutorial on how to use data structures and algorithms plus the first comprehensive reference for C# implementation of data structures and algorithms found in the .NET Framework library, as well as those developed by the programmer. Meer info
  9. € 48,50 € 45,75 Excl.
    Marco Cantu is the award-winning author of six previous editions of the best-selling Mastering Delphi, as well as the critically acclaimed Delphi Developer's Handbook. Cantu's books on Delphi are known worldwide as thedefinitive Delphi tutorials and references. He lives in Italy and is an international Delphi authority, consultant, teacher of Windows programming courses, and frequent seminar lecturer. Meer info
  10. € 44,90 € 42,36 Excl.
    From the best-selling author of the Mastering Delphi series.
    This book focuses on the new features of Delphi 2010 and doesn't cover Delphi from the ground up.
    Covers the improved support for the Win32 API (with specific focus on Windows 7) and the new DataSnap architecture introduced in Delphi 2009, now with HTTP support. Also, its extended RTTI support, inclusion of attributes in the Object Pascal language and the improved IDE. Meer info
  11. € 49,90 € 47,08 Excl.
    - Improve your software using powerful Delphi ClientDataSet features
    - Master the art of cached updates
    - Understand the role of in-memory data
    - Build multi-tier applications using Delphi's DataSnap
    - Covers current and previous versions of Delphi Meer info
  12. € 34,90 € 32,92 Excl.
    Delphi XE Handbook is a guide to new features in Delphi XE, covering everything but the DataSnap portion of the product. Written by best-selling Delphi books author Marco Cantù, the book follows the Delphi Handbooks series on 2007, 2009, and 2010, both in scope and in the appraoch. This book on Delphi XE (covering only new features of the product) is 132 pages long and it is avaialble also in print. Here is the list of chapters: 1: Delphi XE IDE 2: Integrated Tooling 3: Compiler and RTL 4: XE Libraries Meer info
  13. € 69,90 € 65,94 Excl.
    Provides a comprehensive guide to the language and core non-visual libraries of Embarcadero Delphi XE2, from basic language syntax to multithreading. Adopting an integrated approach, the book covers both newer and older features alongside one another; while it won't teach you how to program, it assumes little Delphi knowledge specifically. Includes coverage of XE2's support for Mac OS X. Meer info
  14. € 39,90 € 37,64 Excl.
    In this book designer Richard Rouse III balances a discussion of the essential concepts behind game design with an explanation of how you can implement them in your current project. Detailed analysis of successful games is interwoven with concrete examples from Rouse's own experience Meer info
  15. € 34,90 € 32,92 Excl.
    A fast-paced example-driven tutorial to building custom controls using Visual C# 2005 Express Edition and .NET 2.0 Meer info
  16. € 47,90 € 45,19 Excl.
    This book covers many topics related to C# HTTP programming. Both secure and insecure HTTP communications are covered, as well as HTTP authentication. Learn to interact with HTTP forms and support both HTTP POST and HTTP GET requests. Collect data from a wide array of HTML constructs, such as tables, and lists. Learn about advanced topics that complicate the life of a bot, such as AJAX and Javascript. Also learn about the ethical use of bots, and when bots should not be Meer info
  17. € 66,95 € 63,16 Excl.
    Teach yourself to write simple Delphi programs easily Meer info
  18. € 30,90 € 29,15 Excl.
    Have you ever wanted to learn programming, but were frustrated by all the complex lingo? The Joes 2 Pros series brings out the developer in you, using a combination of text, screen shots, sample quizzes and a fun, easy to follow style. Meer info
  19. € 71,02 € 67,00 Excl.
    Publisher: Datasim Education Meer info
  20. € 19,50 € 18,40 Excl.
    Deze cursus is geen gewone cursus over Visual Basic 2010. Het is in eerste instantie een cursus programmeren voor lezers die geen of zeer weinig ervaring hebben met het programmeren. In de cursus wordt m.a.w. heel veel aandacht besteed aan de technieken van het programmeren: de basisstructuren (sequentie, selectie, gewone iteratie), de complementaire structuren (iteratie met onderbreking, zelftellende lus, meervoudige selectie), procedures, arrays, sequentiële bestanden, enz.
    De bijgevoegde cd-rom bevat de bestanden die je nodig hebt voor het maken van de voorbeelden en de oefeningen. Meer info
  21. € 19,50 € 18,40 Excl.
    Visual Basic 2010 is een volwaardige objectgeoriënteerde taal. In dit deel, Leren programmeren in Visual Basic 2010 2/2, leren we de basisbegrippen van een objectgeoriënteerde taal. De begrippen klasse en object staan natuurlijk centraal. De kernbegrippen inkapseling (encapsulation), overerving (inheritance) en polymorfisme (polymorphism) worden duidelijk uitgelegd en geïllustreerd. Meer info
  22. € 34,90 € 32,92 Excl.
    Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a new feature in Visual Studio 2008 that extends its query capabilities, using C# and Visual Basic.
    This book gets you started with LINQ and shows how it will make your programming life easier by making use of the new features from the .NET Framework 3.0. It introduces the reader to the basic concepts of LINQ, and takes them through using LINQ with an example-driven approach. Meer info
  23. € 53,00 € 50,00 Excl.
  24. € 45,95 € 43,35 Excl.
    This book provides students and professional programmers with a concise yet comprehensive view of the role that memory plays in all aspects of programming and program behavior. Assuming only a basic familiarity with C or C++, the author describes the techniques, methods, and tools available to deal with the problems related to memory and its effective use. Meer info
  25. € 39,95 € 33,02 Excl.
  26. € 32,95 € 27,23 Excl.
  27. € 34,90 € 32,92 Excl.
    The Microsoft Official Academic Course program is created for students to build and validate the skills businesses need to succeed in today's information economy. This is the official curriculum of the Microsoft IT Academy, used in thousands of schools around the world.
    Microsoft Academic titles (ALS/MOAC) are intended for educational institutions only - secondary schools, college, university, privately owned business college, technical institutes, and polytechnics. Meer info
  28. € 37,10 € 35,00 Excl.
    Visual C++ is an established development language for Windows desktop applications. This book shows you how to develop professional, real-life applications by examining real world examples. It is fast, and used in millions of applications throughout the world. Meer info
  29. € 47,00 € 44,34 Excl.
    - Use Data Sources and Datasets for Rapid Application Development of Windows Forms applications
    - Build 3-layer applications the way the pros do, writing ADO.NET code that's reusable, maintainable, and scalable
    - Take advantage of LINQ to query datasets and work with SQL Server and XML data
    - Explore the Entity Framework that lets you map business objects to database objects using an Entity Data Model Meer info
  30. € 44,90 € 42,36 Excl.
    Already know how to develop Windows applications in Visual Basic? Then this book will turn you into a professional web programmer. The first 5 chapters present a quick-start course that works both for beginners and for experienced web developers who are new to ASP.NET. Then, the next 3 sections present (1) the skills you need for any web application in business, (2) the skills you need for database-driven web sites, and (3) the skills you need for eCommerce applications, like how to ensure security, how to use ASP.NET AJAX, how to take advantage of reusable code with WCF services, and how to configure and deploy your finished applications. Meer info
  31. € 47,90 € 45,19 Excl.
    - Create your first Windows Forms applications using C# 2010, Visual Studio 2010, and the .NET Framework 4
    - Master essential C# programming skills, including structured exception handling, string handling, and event wiring
    - Learn how to write data validation routines to create bulletproof applications
    - Discover essential .NET classes, such as Math, Array, StringBuilder, and the typed collection classes
    - Gain the debugging skills to track down elusive coding errors Meer info
  32. € 44,90 € 42,36 Excl.
    - Use Data Sources and Datasets for Rapid Application Development of Windows Forms applications
    - Build 3-Layer Applications the way the pros do, writing ADO.NET code that's reusable, maintainable, and scalable
    - Take advantage of LINQ to query datasets and work with SQL Server and XML data
    - Explore the Entity Framework that lets you map business objects to database objects using an Entity Data Model Meer info
  33. € 47,90 € 45,19 Excl.
    - Get off to a fast start
    Build multiple-page web applications that get database data and manage session state in the first 4 chapters!
    - Handle databases like a pro
    Use SQL, object, and LINQ data sources and ASP.NET data controls to develop effective database applications
    - Master all the ASP.NET skills
    Use ASP.NET's powerful features to create full-fledged web applications at the professional level Meer info
  34. € 47,90 € 45,19 Excl.
    This is the latest edition of our best-selling C# foundations book. It focuses on how to develop professional Windows Forms applications with C#. But along the way, it teaches you the C# language and core skills that you'll use to develop any C# application...whether for Windows or for the web. Meer info
  35. € 45,90 € 43,30 Excl.
    There's no better way to learn ADO.NET database programming than to use this book Meer info
  36. € 47,90 € 45,19 Excl.
    Whether you're new to Visual Basic or you're upgrading to VB 2010 from an earlier version, this new edition of Murach's core VB book shows you how to develop the kind of bullet-proof Windows Forms applications that businesses rely on. Along the way, you'll learn how to quickly build database applications by using RAD features like data sources and the DataGridView control. You'll learn how to use object-oriented features like inheritance and interfaces as well as 2010 features like auto-implemented properties and collection initializers. You'll learn how to use LINQ to query data and XML to exchange data between applications. Meer info
  37. € 31,90 € 30,09 Excl.
    Includes a CD-ROM with working examples, source code, and free development tools Meer info
  38. € 49,00 € 46,23 Excl.
    Professional ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 continues to set the standard for ASP.NET established by the earlier 2.0 and 3.5 versions of this book. Updated for ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 the author team add 250 pages of great new and updated content compared to the original 3.5 version of the book. The authors cover the new controls in the AJAX toolbox, the back button history, and script combining, and they also examine the new capabilities of WCF including changes to DataContractSerializer. This book is for programmers and developers who are looking to make the transition to ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 with Visual Studio 2008 and either C# 3.0 (2008) or Visual Basic 9 (2008). Meer info
  39. € 39,90 € 37,64 Excl.
    This unparalleled author team combines their years of expert-level experience to provide you with the complete VB.NET developer resource. You'll be equipped with everything you need to know to take your abilities to the next level when writing robust, useful applications Meer info
  40. € 39,90 € 37,64 Excl.
    If you want to gain the skills to build Windows Workflow Foundation solutions, then this is the book for you. It provides you with a clear, practical guide on how to develop workflow-based software and integrate it into existing technology landscapes. Throughout the pages, you'll also find numerous real-world examples and sample code that will help you to get started quickly. Meer info
  41. € 24,90 € 23,49 Excl.
    This classic book uncovers what interviews are really like at America's top software and computer companies and provides you with the tools to succeed in any situation. The authors take you step-by-step through new problems and complex brainteasers they were asked during recent technical interviews. Meer info
  42. € 42,40 € 40,00 Excl.
  43. € 27,45 € 25,90 Excl.
  44. € 54,95 € 51,84 Excl.
  45. € 43,90 € 41,42 Excl.
    Commonly exploited software vulnerabilities are usually caused by avoidable software defects. Having analyzed nearly 18,000 vulnerability reports over the past ten years, the CERT/Coordination Center (CERT/CC) has determined that a relatively small number of root causes account for most of them. This book identifies and explains these causes and shows the steps that can be taken to prevent exploitation. Meer info
  46. € 47,90 € 45,19 Excl.
    The ShaderX series provides a complete toolbox of cutting-edge advanced graphics hardware and software techniques for all levels of graphics programmers, from novice to graphics gurus.
    The CD-ROM contains the example programs with source code accompanying the chapters, along with demos where applicable Meer info
  47. € 45,95 € 43,35 Excl.
    Nach einer Einführung in Automotive SPICE, seine Hintergründe und Bewertungsschemata werden die Standardprozesse im Beispielunternehmen und im vorgestellten Projekt beschrieben. Da die Autoren kein \\"Idealprojekt\\" präsentieren, kann sich der Leser in ein reales Szenario hineinversetzen, das, wie vielleicht sein eigenes Projekt, Schwächen und Lücken aufweist. Meer info
  48. € 20,90 € 19,72 Excl.
    The Elements of C# Style is for all C# practitioners, especially those working in teams where consistency is critical. Just as Strunk and White's The Elements of Style provides rules of usage for writing in the English language, this text furnishes a set of rules for writing in C#. The authors offer a collection of standards and guidelines for creating solid C# code that will be easy to understand, enhance, and maintain. Meer info
  49. € 15,00 € 14,15 Excl.
    Having flirted with the Unified Modeling Language for over a decade, in the 'Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition' Microsoft has integrated UML visual modeling features directly in the IDE - making it a truly Integrated Development Environment.
    This book explores the new UML capabilities both from the analyst's top-down conceptual modeling perspective and from the developer's code-centric visualisation perspective. Meer info
  50. € 31,90 € 30,09 Excl.
    This book is for advanced Visual Basic programmers who already have experience with Visual Basic 2005 and are comfortable with the language.
    What you will learn from this book:
    - How to add scripting, reflection, & advanced printing to your applications
    - Ways to write add-ins for the VB 2005 development environment
    - How to build custom controls by using UserControl, subclassing, and by using from-scratch methods
    - How to use the new Visual Basic 2005 threading controls Meer info
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