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  1. € 22,90

    € 18,90 € 17,83 Excl.

    Get five times the action with the only official guide to the biggest Grand Theft Auto game ever! Limited Edition with exclusive cover and content BradyGames has teamed up with Rockstar Games to bring you Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Strategy, a comprehensive guide to the most anticipated game of the year. Provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire single-player story and strategy for every action-packed mission, enabling you to get the most out of GTA and complete the game faster than your friends! This Limited Edition features a collectible hardcover with custom artwork, special lithograph of the cover, and 32 pages of exclusive artwork.
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  2. € 26,90 € 25,38 Excl.
    Applicable to both Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight (Version 9) and Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Version 10), this is a guide for anyone who wants to maximize their real or virtual cockpit experience while learning more efficiently with less stress. This book and accompanying CD provide general suggestions, specific advice, and practical tools for making use of Microsoft Flight Simulator, regardless of the type of flying you do - students, certificated pilots, flight instructors, and virtual aviators will all benefit from Bruce's teaching.
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  3. € 34,95 € 32,97 Excl.
    Only a few people ever get to fly a transport aircraft in reality. Precision Manuals offers an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which enables all enthusiasts to get into the virtual cockpit of the most successful airliner in the world, providing realistic flight and system simulation in real time.
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  4. The aim of this new book is to put the complexity to rest so that you can enjoy the Flight Simulator experience rather than fight it.
    This is not a users manual for Flight Simulator X. Instead, it's a collection of \\"right to the point\\" articles that will help you run FSX faster, better, easier. In short, you'll have more fun!.
    Tips, Tricks & Trips presents topics that you won't find elsewhere. This new book is written with minimal \\"technicalese\\" for easy reading.
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