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  1. € 99,90 € 94,25 Excl.
    Accessing AutoCAD Architecture 2009 offers engaging step-by-step tutorials and projects that clearly demonstrate and reinforce the real-world application of AutoCAD Architecture tools.
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  2. € 56,95 € 53,73 Excl.
    This fundamentals text introduces one to Autodesk's AutoCAD Architecture software. The text covers the Layer Manager, Design Center, Structural Members, Doors, Windows, and Walls. Step by step lessons take the student from creation of a site plan, floor plan, and space planning, all the way through to the finished building - a standard three bedroom, two bathroom residence. By the end of the text, users should feel comfortable enough to create a standard model, and even know how to customize the interface for their own use. The user is provided with in-depth coverage of toolbars, dialog boxes and commands.
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  3. Leert u geavanceerde technieken zoals o.a. de opbouw van bibliotheken met families van gelijkvormige onderdelen en het aanpassen van het programma
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  4. € 24,50 € 23,11 Excl.
    Dit Basishandboek SPSS 15 is het handigste leerboek en naslagwerk voor de meest recente versie van SPSS. Het behandelt zowel de werking van het programma als de manier waarop binnen SPSS statistische procedures en technieken moeten worden toegepast. Bovendien wordt uw kennis opgefrist van de belangrijkste statistische basisbegrippen.
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  5. € 38,95 € 36,75 Excl.
    This manual is the definitive guide to GNU Octave, an interactive environment for numerical computation. GNU Octave provides a convenient command-line interface for solving linear and nonlinear problems using vectors and matrices. This updated edition of the manual covers version 3 of GNU Octave, and includes documentation for new features such as sparse matrices, linear programming and computational geometry. GNU Octave is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). All the money raised from the sale of this book supports the development of free software.
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  6. € 27,45 € 25,90 Excl.
  7. € 78,90 € 74,43 Excl.
    Invites users to leverage a variety of manufacturing disciplines as a means of learning how to make optimal use of today's most popular Windows-native, 3D parametric modelling tool
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  8. € 31,95 € 30,14 Excl.
  9. € 62,90 € 59,34 Excl.
    Hands-on exercises demonstrate fundamental principles of 3D parametric part design, assembly design, and the creation of production-ready drawings.
    Each chapter in this book contains a series of lessons with hands-on exercises that use real-world, industry-specific designs. The lessons introduce you to each of the functional areas of Autodesk Inventor and demonstrate the recommended workflows and techniques for capturing design intent while creating your digital prototypes. This guide can quickly become your favorite learning asset & information resource for Autodesk Inventor.
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  10. € 55,90 € 52,74 Excl.
    Designed to shorten the learning curve, this book focuses squarely on the rationale and practicality of the Revit Building process through a series of hands-on lessons that promote a clear sense of the value of the software and an understanding of each tool's potential
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  11. This book familiarizes both novice and experienced 3D artist with the process and capabilities of the ADT/VIZr tool set
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  12. Microsoft Visio Basis is een objectgeoriënteerd tekenprogramma. U leert o.a.
    - Kennismaken met MS Visio.
    - Organigrammen maken.
    - Stroomdiagrammen maken.
    - Tekeningen afdrukken.
    - Een case uitvoeren om het geleerde te oefenen.
    - Plattegronden en netwerkdiagrammen tekenen.
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  13. € 34,50 € 32,55 Excl.
    Introduces you to object technology and ObjectARX, the foundation upon which AutoCAD is built.
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  14. € 53,90 € 50,85 Excl.
    The goal of each lesson is to help the reader complete their projects successfully. The text and exercises seek to give the reader a clear sense of the value of the tools, and a clear indication of each tool’s potential. The Aubin Academy Master Series: AutoCAD MEP is a resource designed to shorten your learning curve, raise your comfort level, and, most importantly, give you real-life tested practical advice on the usage of the software to create mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs, and calculations. Empowered with the information within this book, the reader will have insight into how to use AutoCAD MEP to create construction documents that are reflective of their standards and expectations.
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  15. € 43,90 € 41,42 Excl.
    This up-to-date AutoCAD reference provides a rich range of useful detail for so many commands and functions, making it a popular resource for so many. THE ILLUSTRATED AUTOCAD 2010 QUICK REFERENCE catalogs all standard AutoCAD commands in alphabetical order, concisely describing the function of each command and its options. Every listing includes cross-references to related commands, system variables and/or files, taking the guesswork out of executing AutoCAD commands to their full potential. Every method of accessing each command is featured, including commands not documented by Autodesk.
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  16. € 33,95 € 32,03 Excl.
  17. € 73,90 € 69,72 Excl.
    Become productive in just one day with this how-to reference
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  18. € 65,90 € 62,17 Excl.
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