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Computerboeken - Utilities

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  1. € 35,90 € 33,87 Excl.
    Using Adobe Captivate software to create engaging, professional demonstrations, training videos, and e-learning content has never been easier with this handy tutorial as your guide.
    This book walks you through all the procedures needed to create Adobe Flash movies based on any software on your desktop.
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  2. € 17,90 € 16,89 Excl.
    Wikipedia is free. Why should I buy a book with Wikipedia content?
    Our Wiki books are bought mainly by libraries and people who prefer to read a paperback than a computer screen. We only charge for compiling, editing, indexing, typesetting, designing, printing, binding and shipping of books--not for the content.
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  3. € 20,90

    € 10,00 € 9,43 Excl.

    Want to migrate from your old PC to a new one without the hassle? Now you can preserve preferences, passwords, macros, and more with CA Desktop DNA Migrator and the easy-to-follow advice in this friendly guide. You'll find patented software that can stream your old PC's DNA directly to your new PC - a $ 60.00 value with this book - plus valuable information that will save you time and keep you productive
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