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Computerboeken - UNIX systemen

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  1. Updated for the new CSA Exam
    - Detailed coverage of ALL Official Exam Objectives
    - Covers HP-UX 11i v3
    - 863 Challenging Exam Questions
    - Comprehensive On-the-Job Administrator Resource
    - Step-by-step Implementation Procedures
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  2. € 68,00 € 64,15 Excl.
    - Increase the support efficiency with professionally planned ITSM processes
    - Learn how to manage IT services and applications using real-life examples
    - Discover how enterprise management tools and SAP tools interact in various scenarios
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  3. € 19,45 € 18,35 Excl.
    Become a Solaris 9 pro the fun and easy way. Configure and secure Web, Telnet, and FTP servers, and more
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