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iPad & iPhone Administrator's Guide

Enterprise Deployment Strategies and Security Solutions
Hart-Davis, Guy

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Uitvoering Paperback
Auteur ,
Uitgever McGraw-Hill Osborne
Bladzijden 336
Taal Engels
EAN 9780071759069
ISBN 978-0-07-175906-9
ISBN10 0071759069
iPad & iPhone Administrator's Guide features: - Plan your deployment and choose suitable iPads & iPhones; - Activate iPhones quickly using iTunes' activation-only mode; - Set up iPads & iPhones automatically using iPhone Configuration Utility; - Set up Wi-Fi & VPN connections manually or with configuration profiles; - Connect iPads & iPhones to Microsoft Exchange and other mail servers; - Choose the best third-party apps, install them, and keep them updated; - Install custom enterprise apps using provisioning profiles; - Load & transfer documents via File Sharing & third-party tools; - Give iPad & iPhone users remote access to your network; - Manage Windows or Mac OS X servers from your iPad or iPhone; - Secure iPads & iPhones with strong passcodes - and wipe their contents remotely if they're stolen;
- Troubleshoot hardware and software problems.