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Managementboeken - Fotografie

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  1. € 28,95 € 27,31 Excl.
    This is the first book to take a look at what motivates and inspires photographers and what it is that makes them succeed. Meer info
  2. € 9,95 € 9,39 Excl.
  3. € 24,90 € 23,49 Excl.
    David Clark has selected 50 iconic images by some of the world's greatest photographers and asked them to explain how the pictures were made and their creative approach. From these interviews he has chosen 100 words that encapsulate their philosophy, and which are picked out in bold in the text. The highlighted words work on two levels. As well as giving insights into iconic images from the photographers who took them, they build over the course of the book into a unique creative lexicon of the photographic medium, one which crystallises its many aims and functions, perspectives and meanings. Meer info
  4. € 21,95 € 20,71 Excl.
    This book investigates what photographs look like, and why they look that way. It is about photographic style and photographic tradition and explores the possibilities that photographers today can have in their approach. Meer info
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