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Managementboeken - Filosofie

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  1. € 15,00 € 14,15 Excl.
    This work tackles common human problems, illuminated by the writings of a key figure in the history of philosophy. \"Consolation for Unpopularity\" is offered by Socrates, \"Anxiety\" by Epicurus, \"Anger\" by Seneca, \"Pride\" by Montaigne, \"Depression\" by Schopenhauer, and \"Timidity\" by Nietzsche. Meer info
  2. € 29,00 € 27,36 Excl.
    The Theory of Nothing explores the radical idea that reality we see around us is but one of an infinite \"library\" of alternate realities, the sum of which contains no information and is in fact \"nothing\". The necessity for observed reality to be consistent with the observer's existence implies a strong connection between fundamental physics and cognitive science. A revolutionary understanding of why physics has the form it does, and why our minds are the way they are forged. Meer info
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