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Math For Real Life For Dummies

Barry Schoenborn

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Math For Real Life For Dummies

Uitvoering Paperback
Uitgever John Wiley & Sons
Bladzijden 288
Taal Engels
EAN 9781118453308
ISBN 978-1-118-45330-8
ISBN10 1118453301
The easy way to brush up on the math skills you need in real life Not everyone retains the math they learned in school. Like any skill, your ability to speak "math" can deteriorate if left unused.
Learn to: Get the skills you need to tackle everyday math problems Know which math to use when shopping, driving, and investing Brush up on basic math skills and concepts Brush up on the math skills you need in your everyday life Need to sharpen your math skills to handle everyday encounters, like calculating restaurant tips, understanding interest rates, and figuring out percentages and odds? Packed with real-world examples, Math For Real Life For Dummies gives you plain-English explanations of the simple math formulas and operations you're likely to encounter in the workplace, the kitchen, and even when playing games. Brush up on the basics — get basic math from counting and simple arithmetic to broader concepts like statistics Math to the rescue — discover how to do the calculations that spring up while shopping, cooking, dining out, trying to lose weight, and more Manage money with math — get a handle on the general principles, specialized terms, and strategies to create a budget, better manage your bank account and check register, avoid credit card debt, and invest more wisely Room for improvement —see calculations you can do in your head and games you can play to build your math skills and sharpen your critical thinking Open the book and find: Math tricks that help you perform quick calculations in your head Ways to apply math formulas and principles to craft, home improvement, and yard projects How to make conversions, understand statistics, calculate odds, use percentages, and more Math solutions for day-to-day activities such as cooking, dining out, shopping, and banking Ten games that build math skills