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Phase Transitions in Solids Under High Pressure

Vladimir Davydovich Blank, Emmanuel Isakovich Estrin

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Phase Transitions in Solids Under High Pressure

Uitvoering Hardcover
Auteur ,
Uitgever CRC Press
Bladzijden 460
Taal Engels
EAN 9781466594241
ISBN 978-1-4665-9424-1
ISBN10 1466594241

High-pressure research has become increasingly important, and high-pressure techniques are an invaluable tool for synthesizing new materials and discovering novel physical phenomena that are not accessible at ambient pressure. This text deals with the problem of phase transitions in solids at high pressure. It covers phase equilibria at high pressures in various materials, the deformation impact on phase transformations at high pressures, high-temperature and low-temperature transformation kinetics and hysteresis at high pressures, and the requirements for obtaining and maintaining high-pressure phases.