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Pro Android 3

Satya Komatineni, Dave MacLean, Sayed Hashimi

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Uitvoering Paperback
Auteur , ,
Uitgever Apress
Website www.apress.com
Druk 1
Bladzijden 1175
Taal Engels
EAN 9781430232223
ISBN 978-1-4302-3222-3
ISBN10 1430232226
Android 3 platform SDK techniques for developing smartphone and tablet apps.
Pro Android 3 shows you how to build real-world and fun mobile applications using the new Android 3.0 SDK. It covers everything from the fundamentals of creating apps for embedded devices, phones, and tablets to advanced concepts such as custom 3D components and multi-tasking.

In Pro Android 3, using the tutorials & expert advice, you'll quickly be able to build cool mobile apps and run them on dozens of Android-based smartphones. You'll explore & use the Android APIs, including those for media & sensors. And you'll check out what's new with Android 3.0, including the improved UI across all Android platforms, integration with WebM, and more, giving you the knowledge to create stunning, cutting-edge apps, while keeping you agile enough to respond to changes in the future.

What you'll learn in Pro Android 3:
- How to use Android to build Java-based mobile applications for Google phones with a touch screen or keyboard;
- How to design & implement irresistible user interfaces for touchscreens with Views & layouts;
- How to populate your application with data from data sources, using Content Providers;
- How to create 3D graphics with OpenGL and custom components;
- How to build multimedia & game apps using Android's Media APIs & OpenGL;
- How to use Android's location-based services, network-based services, and security;
- How to use new Android 3.0 features, such as Fragments and the ActionBar.