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  1. € 33,95
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  3. € 12,95
    The key features for developing on Microsoft’s eagerly anticipated Windows 8 operating system are unveiled in this fast-paced 80-pageprimer. Windows 8 contains the revolutionary Metro application framework for building dynamic and responsive touch-enabled applications that target both desktops and mobile devices. Meer info
  4. € 23,45
    A visual guide to all the features of the new Windows 8 Tablet This must–have resource features visually rich, step–by–step instructions that show you how to get the most enjoyment from your Windows 8 tablet. Learn about the exciting new Metro UI, optimized specifically for touch devices. Meer info
  5. € 27,45
    Complete training package gets you up and running on Windows 8 The next best thing to having your own private instructor guiding you through Windows 8 is this terrific book–and–video training tool from the experts at AGI Creative Team. Meer info
  6. € 24,95
  7. € 16,95
    Dit handzame boek is voor iedereen die wel wat hulp kan gebruiken met de eerste stappen op zijn Windows 8-tablet. Meer info
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  22. € 29,95
    Millions of web developers are already fluent with JavaScript and HTML: With Windows 8 and Metro, Microsoft is about to empower all these developers to build fully-functional next-generation Windows applications. In this book, multiple best-selling Microsoft web development author Stephen Walther shows them exactly how to leverage this remarkable new opportunity. Meer info
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    € 48,95

    Metro applications are at the heart of Windows 8, bringing rich and engaging applications to both tablet and desktop users. Metro uses the Windows Runtime, a complete reimagining of Windows development that supports multiple programming languages and is built on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Metro applications are the future of Windows development and JavaScript is perfect language to take advantage of this exciting and flexible environment. Meer info
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  29. € 27,45
    Learn to use exciting new development tools and create applications for Windows 8 If you′re a beginning developer, there′s no better place to get up to speed on the Windows 8 SDK than this Wrox guide. A team of Microsoft experts provides a complete course in Windows 8 programming, helping you take full advantage of the innovative new SDK. Meer info
  30. € 23,45
    A practical guide for visual learners eager to get started with Windows 8 If you learn more quickly when you can see how things are done, this Visual guide is the easiest way to get up and running on Windows 8. It covers more than 150 essential Windows tasks, using full–color screen shots and step–by–step instructions to show you just what to do. Meer info
  31. € 15,45
    A must–read book for seniors who are eager to get started with Windows 8! As one of the biggest and most highly anticipated technology releases, Windows 8 will be new territory to many PC users and may require a generous learning curve. Windows 8 for the Older and Wiser is an ideal guide for the senior computer user. Meer info
  32. € 19,45
    The bestselling tech book of all time, now updated for Windows 8 Microsoft Windows is the operating system that runs nearly 90 percent of the world′s computers. Windows 8 will offer new interface updates, cloud–based services, and much more. Meer info
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  38. € 30,95
    The first and last word on the feature–packed new Windows 8 Windows 8 is an exciting new version of Microsoft′s flagship operating system and it′s packed with exciting new features. Meer info
  39. € 34,95
    Tap into Windows 8 apps with this authoritative guide The arrival of Windows 8 turns traditional application development upside down, completely changing the rules of the application–develoment game. Meer info
  40. € 19,45
    The easiest way for visual learners to get started with Windows 8

    The popular Simplified series makes visual learning easier than ever, and with more than 360,000 copies sold, previous Windows editions are among the bestselling Visual books. This guide goes straight to the point with easy–to–follow, two–page tutorials for each task. Meer info

  41. € 14,95
    The handy and fast reference for mastering Windows 8 This quick and easy reference is designed for all users (newbies and seasoned) who are comfortable with the Windows OS  and need a fast reference to solve a problem or navigate a new feature without context or explanation. Meer info
  42. € 15,45
    Easy–in, easy–out format covers all the bells and whistles of Windows 8 If you want to learn how to work smarter and faster in Microsoft′s Windows 8 operating system, this easy–to–use, compact guide delivers the goods. Meer info
  43. € 27,45
    Ten minibooks in one great resource will get you fully up to speed on Windows 8 Promising an updated user interface, new application to today′s mobile world, and increased connection to data and services that live in the cloud, Windows 8 will have new features and perks you′ll want to start using right away. Meer info
  44. € 19,45
    Help seniors get started with Windows 8 with this easy–to–understand guide! In easy–to–follow steps, this fun and friendly guide shows you clearly how to use Windows 8. Meer info
  45. € 23,45
    The fast and easy guide for creating Windows 8 apps using popular technologies! This book offers a primer for building HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript applications for Windows 8. It includes an up–to–date guide for dusting off an aging HTML skill set and adapting to the Windows 8 apps and provides a reference for Windows and. Meer info
  46. € 21,95
    The Windows 8 For Dummies book bundled together with a three–hour DVD providing instructional video training––perfect to get you up and running on Windows 8! This book and DVD bundle offers a two–pronged attack for helping new and inexperienced Windows users get a grip on the Windows 8 operating system. Meer info
  47. € 14,50
  48. € 22,50
    Windows 8 is flink op de schop genomen. Het nieuwe startscherm vervangt het menu Start van vorige versies. Het startscherm is de entreehal van Windows. Hier start je apps die in de Windows 8-stijl gebruikers-omgeving draaien (voor computer en tablet) en vensterprogramma’s die vanaf het bureaublad ‘oude stijl’ hun werk doen (alleen computer). Elke nieuwe versie van Windows roept vragen op. Ontdek Windows 8 loodst je door de functies en geeft snel antwoord op jouw vragen. Meer info
  49. € 21,95
    Windows 8 is de opvolger van Windows 7. Windows 8 bestuurt bureaucomputers, laptops en tablets. De bediening van Windows 8 is ingrijpend gewijzigd. U selecteert apps en programma’s in het nieuwe startscherm. Dit scherm vervangt het menu Start van vorige versies. Het startscherm is de entreehal van Windows 8. U bedient,
    Windows 8 met muis, toetsenbord of met handbewegingen op een aanraakscherm. Meer info
  50. € 44,95
    Het meest uitgebreide naslagwerk dat er te koop is! Dit boek is een handleiding en naslagwerk in ייn. Topauteur Peter Kassenaar en anderen schrijven een boek bedoeld voor de veeleisende computergebruiker. De geheel nieuwe werking van Windows 8 wordt uitgebreid beschreven. Overstappen van Windows XP of Windows 7 naar Windows 8 is een enorme stap. Alle routines die je hebt opgebouwd, kunnen overboord worden gezet. Meer info
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