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  1. € 39,90 € 32,98 Excl.
    The Airbus A320 family is one of the most successful families of aircraft ever designed. Being the first mass produced aircraft that combined fly-by-wire avionics and lightweight composite materials it revolutionized air travel by bringing down the cost of flights. They also made Airbus one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world. Meer info
  2. € 29,90 € 24,71 Excl.
    Your duties as a fireman require you to maintain vigilance on both day and night shifts, never quite knowing when you will be summoned into action with scores of dramatic missions. Drive ultra realistic renditions of specialist fire fighting vehicles, across 20 km2 of airport, including the famed PANTHER, each vehicle complete with unique equipment ready to be pressed into service for any eventuality. In a busy airport anything can and will happen, requiring split second decision making and nerves of steel. Only the finest firefighters can operate in an environment where one small spark can lead to disaster. Are you up to taking the heat? Meer info
  3. € 25,90 € 21,40 Excl.
    Amsterdam Schiphol is the international and by far the largest airport of the Netherlands. In fact it is one of the biggest airports in Europe and serves as a hub for the national carrier KLM and its partners from Skyteam. Other based airlines are Martinair, Arkefly and Transavia. Meer info
  4. € 34,99 € 28,92 Excl.
    Antarctica is without a doubt the most dangerous continent for aviation. Not only is it the windiest place on the globe, it also has the highest average altitude. About 40% of the time the weather make flying impossible but just as often conditions are marginal. The runways are either gravel or ice, terrain features often hard to find and navigation aids are missing. Compasses are notoriously unreliable and GPS coverage is spotty. It’s a place where only those who dare will fly. Antarctica X is an ideal FSX add-on for people who are looking for a challenge and who like to explore a whole new continent. Meer info
  5. € 29,90 € 24,71 Excl.
  6. € 29,99 € 24,79 Excl.
    Following on from the hugely popular Audio Environment - Airliners Edition, this General Aviation Edition totally transforms eight default FSX GA Aircraft with new replacement sound sets and also enhances ground vehicles and environment sounds. Meer info
  7. € 10,00 € 8,26 Excl.
  8. € 65,00 € 53,72 Excl.
    Engelstalige cd-rom waarmee u oneindig spellen kunt spelen. Vele instelmogelijkheden zorgen ervoor dat u het programma naar uw wensen kunt aanpassen. Er staan een groot aantal toernooien op de cd-rom waarbij u in de stand wordt opgenomen. Deze cd-rom is geschikt voor Windows PC's en Apple computers. Meer info
  9. € 27,50 € 22,73 Excl.
    Bridge in een Flits is dé nieuwe baanbrekende leermethode van de 21e eeuw. Daar hoort natuurlijk ook innovatieve software bij. Deze CD-rom voorziet daarin. Alle theorie uit het eerste deel kan interactief geoefend worden. Een absolute must om snel en goed te leren bridgen!
    - 100 door Berry geselecteerde oefenspellen
    - veel biedoefeningen
    - oefenstof per hoofdstuk gerangschikt
    - zeer gebruiksvriendelijk
    - perfecte opstap naar Berry's Internet Club Meer info
  10. € 27,50 € 22,73 Excl.
    Bridge in een Flits is dé nieuwe baanbrekende leermethode van de 21e eeuw. Daar hoort natuurlijk ook innovatieve software bij. Deze CD-rom voorziet daarin. Alle theorie uit het boek kan interactief geoefend worden. Een absolute must om snel vorderingen te boeken!
    * 100 door Berry geselecteerde oefenspellen * veel biedoefeningen * oefenstof per hoofdstuk Meer info
  11. € 29,90 € 24,71 Excl.
    The Aerosoft Bronco X was designed with assistance from the German Wing of the OV-10 Bronco Association (GWOBA) which inherited several aircraft from the German Luftwaffe. It features several models and many liveries. The Bronco is a delight to fly because it has ample power and is very agile. The good all round visibility and high cruise speed make it an ideal aircraft to explore the virtual world of FSX. Due to the complexity of the systems this is an ideal aircraft for people who like to move from the simple general aviation aircraft to more complex aircraft with detailed systems. Meer info
  12. € 29,90 € 24,71 Excl.
    Take a trip to the shores of the mighty Pacific Ocean as you embark on a public transport career in San Francisco, surely one of the most beautiful cities of the world Operate the iconic cable cars and streetcars, carefully recreated in exacting 3D detail to provide unprecedented realism as you criss-cross the city and traverse miles of track. Meer info
  13. € 44,90 € 37,11 Excl.
    The Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-200 is a short-range, single-aisle commuter jet and with 1021 built units the most popular regional jet today. The JRollon CRJ-200 brings this famous airliner to the simulator known for its accurate flight dynamics. As a first-ever in X-Plane history, this product features not only stunning visual effects programmed for X-Plane 10, but also various simulated systems like an FMS. The CRJ-200 utilizes Navigraph's FMS Data Update Service to run the advanced flight management computer so you can follow real world, up to date routes. Meer info
  14. € 36,90 € 30,50 Excl.
    The DC-6B was the epitome of the radial piston engine passenger aircraft. Powerful, noisy and smoky on engine start-up, the DC-6B was flown all over the world and opened up air travel on every continent. Originally designed in 1944 as the XC-112 military transport aircraft, the DC-6B was reworked into a civilian aircraft in order to compete with Lockheed’s Constellation. The aircraft was a true success story, with some of the 700 aircraft that were built still in service today, predominantly in cargo roles. Meer info
  15. € 28,90 € 23,88 Excl.
    Now available in one package. The sceneries Lelystad, Maastricht-Aachen and Rotterdam which were only available as single sceneries can now be purchased in one box. This complete package allows you to do some Dutch hopping and sightseeing . Enjoy! Meer info
  16. € 15,99 € 13,21 Excl.
    This add-on of Friedrichshafen airport represents the latest status of development of the real airport. The buildings, the layout of the runways and taxiways as well as the Navaids are exactly as they are in reality.
    A photo real ground texture has been used for the base of the scenery to ensure a real life feeling of the airport. The terrain has been edited to be compatible with other add-ons. One of many highlights of this scenery are the Dynamic Airport Enhancement Services AESLite which brings a near to life virtual reality into the scenery with its vehicles on the apron and on the near motorways! Meer info
  17. € 89,90 € 74,30 Excl.
    Full Terrain Experience introduces a radical new modular design with a level of visual fidelity unprecedented in Microsoft Flight Simulator since its introduction over twenty years ago. For the first time ever it is a pleasure to fly low and slow and take in the depth of features that our ground terrain textures provide. Now you can get the entire collection of FTX Australia regions (BLUE, GOLD, GREEN and RED) plus the latest FTX Service Pack 4 (SP4) all on a single easy-to-install DVD! Meer info
  18. € 39,90 € 32,98 Excl.
    CRM is a vast region covering parts of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming with key cities including Yakima, Boise, Idaho Falls, Helena, Billings, and Jackson. You will experience varied and beautiful landscapes with custom seasonal ground textures based on current aerial photograps taken over the region. Spectacular locations, such as the Columbia Plateau, Hells Canyon, Craters of the Moon National Monument, the Salmon River and Sawtooth Mountains, the Montana Prairies, and Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, all are depicted in great detail. Meer info
  19. € 39,90 € 32,98 Excl.
    The German Airports Team are again setting new standards in terms of quality, realism, and friendly frame rates. All airports are developed according to the 2012 status. This means including the new Germanwings apron, the FedEx Cargo area and the Cologne Cargo Center on the airport of Cologne/Bonn. All buildings, runway layout, taxiways, lighting and NAV aids are true to the original.
    Included airports are: Cologne/Bonn, Hanover, Dortmund, Munster/Osnabruck and Leipzig/Halle. Meer info
  20. € 29,90 € 24,71 Excl.
    Im Westen viel Neues! Endlich gibt es für die Westschweiz Flugplätze auch für den FSX.
    Die Szenerien der Kleinflugplätze enthalten detailliert umgesetzte Regionalflugplätze, deren individuelle Atmosphäre optimal im FSX festgehalten wird.
    Erkunden Sie mit einem Kleinflugzeug die abwechslungsreichen Flugplätze der Westschweiz. Meer info
  21. € 25,90 € 21,40 Excl.
    San Francisco is one of North America's biggest west coast airport hubs. With a unique surrounding landscape and approach rules, this scenery is must have for any simmer flying through North America. San Francisco is one of the most important national and international aims of big airline companies like New York, Chicago, Tokio, London and Dubai. The airport has flights to points throughout North America and is a major gateway to Europe and Asia. Meer info
  22. € 5,00 € 4,13 Excl.
    Real-time 3D-biljartspel met prachtige grafische effecten. 8 typen biljartspelletjes: American 8, Nineball, 14/1 Continu en verschillende originele spelletjes, zoals het Piramidespel. Alleen, tegen de computer of tegen vrienden Meer info
  23. € 21,90 € 18,10 Excl.
    The classic three-engined workhorse of the skies has been re-created in exacting detail for Flight Simulator 2002 and 2004! Meer info
  24. € 14,90 € 12,31 Excl.
    The classic 747-200 forms the centrepiece of the very latest version of this outstanding 747 expansion for Flight Simulator 2004 Meer info
  25. € 34,90 € 28,84 Excl.
    The Boeing 777 is the first Boeing jetliner to be 100% digitally designed using three-dimensional computer graphics. Throughout the design process, the airplane was \"pre-assembled\" on the computer, eliminating the need for a costly, full-scale mock-up. The airplane is larger than all other twinjet or trijet airplanes and smaller than the 747.
    Take controls of the Largest Twinjet in the World
    Using its load Editor and Fuel Planner user-friendly tools, you will be able to tweak its range to reach all major capitals. Choose your favourite airlines and fly away with your Boeing 777-200 Meer info
  26. € 19,90 € 16,45 Excl.
    Five of the world's most famous A4 Pacific steam engines are presented here in all their glory, with six authentic liveries and accurate detail variations across the eleven drivable locomotives. These include single and twin chimney stacks, with and without headboards, streamlined side fairings, un-valanced models, corridor and non-corridor tenders. Meer info
  27. € 34,00 € 28,10 Excl.
    The all-new Air Hauler expansion for FSX and FS2004 puts you in complete control of your own freight company - take charge of operations both in the boardroom and in the cockpit.
    The limitless possibilities and flexibility of Air Hauler will let you immerse yourself totally in every operational detail of your freight company - each crucial flight which will have an effect on the reputation and reach of your expanding freight empire. Meer info
  28. € 39,90 € 32,98 Excl.
    With new technologies, improved features, and specific FSX missions, Wilco Publishing brings today the Airbus A380 to Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
    The Flight Simulator X missions allow beginner and expert pilots to fly through a step-by-step tutorial. English voices and Englosh, German or French subtitles. Meer info
  29. € 34,90 € 28,84 Excl.
    The Airbus Collector Edition offers you the opportunity of piloting virtually all of the aircraft in the Airbus range from the comfort of your own home or office. Each aircraft comes with its own set of liveries and detailed instrument panels and gauges. Fully customised Flight Management Computer (FMC) and virtual cockpit with full 3D panels are all included.
    Models included: A310-300, A319-100, A320-200, A330-300, A340-600, A350-800, A380-700, A380-800, A380-800F, A380-900. Meer info
  30. € 19,90 € 16,45 Excl.
    Deutsches Handbuch, Manuel en français, Manual in English
    - hochdetaillierte Flugplatz-Scenery von SION optimiert für FSX
    - statische Objekte wie Autos, verschiedene Militärfahrzeuge, PC-6 Porter und PC-7 sowie Display Hunter
    - ziviler wie auch militärischer Teil detailreich gestaltet
    - AI-Traffic angepasst
    - Nachtbeleuchtung
    - VFR Anhaltspunkte wie Tanklager und Schlösser Valère und Tourbillon Meer info
  31. € 29,90 € 24,71 Excl.
    Discover all major airports of the central part of Mexico!
    Come and discover the Airports of Mexico-Center Edition for Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004! Designed with ImageMax technology and representing all major airports of the central part of the Country, Airports of Mexico will allow you to expand your routes and fly to interesting destinations.
    18 Airports: Ciudad de Mexico; Guadalajara; Toluca; Guanajuato; Leon; Manzanillo; Colima; Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo; Puerto Vallarta; Veracruz; Tampico; Acapulco; Cuernavaca; Atizapan; Morelia; Uruapan; Querataro; Puebla. Meer info
  32. € 29,90 € 24,71 Excl.
    Fly the favourite Alouette II developed by Peter Salzgeber in FSX and FS2004. 33 different models and numerous highlights are included in this package.
    New for Flight Simulator X :
    - New flight dynamics
    - New independent visual models and DXT5-DDS Textures (no ported stuff from FS2004)
    - 3 missions
    Fully compatible with FSX SP2 and FSX Acceleration-Pack
    German box, instructions in English, German and French Meer info
  33. € 34,90

    € 15,00 € 12,40 Excl.

    The American Champion Aircraft Company's rugged \"back-country\" Citabria , Scout and Decathlon aircraft are superbly simulated here by RealAir Simulations. Each aircraft has been individually designed to fly like the real thing, with flight models that take you right to the stall buffet and the ability to accurately spin and slip.
    The very latest FSX editions of these acclaimed aircraft include virtual cockpits with 'Smooth Gauge Technology' and advanced day and night back lighting. Meer info
  34. € 19,00 € 15,70 Excl.
    In its 800th year of existence - today Köpenick is a borough of Berlin - this add-on depicts Köpenick's local traffic for the Microsoft Train Simulator. The transport network of Köpenick's tram with eight stations and three depots is extensively illustrated over a total length of 35 kilometres distance. Meer info
  35. € 29,90 € 24,71 Excl.
    As slow as a tram, the Arosa Railway saunters through Chur, passing the city wall, the Maltesterturm and Obertor.
    All hallmarks of Graubünden's capital city. But before you know it, the city tour is over and you are on a different track, crossing the city's boundary as the Arosa Railway becomes a mountain railway meandering through the wild Schanfigger valley and upwards to Arosa. Meer info
  36. € 69,90 € 57,77 Excl.
    Incl. ATC-SDK (Sector Design Kit) - ATCsimulator 2 is the premier Air Traffic Control simulation on the market for the PC. ATCsimulator 2 allows you to immerse yourself in the mysterious world of air traffic control. This is as close to the REAL THING! as you can get. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations or cheesy mockups! This is a SERIOUS SIMULATION! But, it can also be FUN!
    FS2ATCS is compatible with any version of Flight Simulator, FS98 through FS2004. NB: The ATC Simulator Professional version needs to get registered ONLINE at http://www.atcsimulator.com/registration.aspx After the registration you will receive an unlock key to activate the program. Meer info
  37. € 49,90 € 41,24 Excl.
    ATCsimulator 2 is the premier Air Traffic Control simulation on the market for the PC. ATCsimulator 2 allows you to immerse yourself in the mysterious world of air traffic control. This is as close to the REAL THING! as you can get. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations or cheesy mockups! This is a SERIOUS SIMULATION! But, it can also be FUN!
    Multiplayer coonectivity to Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 thru 2004 Meer info
  38. € 24,90 € 20,58 Excl.
    - 25 spannende Aufgaben aus dem Nah- und Fernverkehr
    - Mit ICE-T, BR 189 und Nahverkehrswagen
    - Zugdurchsagen Meer info
  39. € 34,00 € 28,10 Excl.
    The Consolidated B-24 Liberator was the most-manufactured American combat aircraft of World War II, with 18,500 produced over a six year period.
    Whether the role was the daylight bombing campaign in Europe, maritime patrol or cargo / transport, the B-24 served with distinction. Dozens of U-Boats came to a watery end at the hands of Liberators on long Atlantic patrol flights. It was used extensively in the Pacific Theatre by the US and Allies as the front-line long-range bomber, until replaced by the B-29 late in the war. Meer info
  40. € 11,90 € 9,83 Excl.
    The lines of battle are drawn in Combat Flight Simulator 3 and the most famous aerial conflict in history is starting again! Meer info
  41. € 19,90 € 16,45 Excl.
    Dive into the challenge of an everyday shift of a Berlin subway driver. Discover the fascinating world of tunnel systems and original detailed stations of Germany's capital Berlin and enjoy the view when driving along the above ground sections of the Bülowstrasse and the Schönhauser Allee! Includes the new 'Enhanced Graphic Engine' and the 'Reality-Mode' by TML. Meer info
  42. € 24,90 € 20,58 Excl.
    The most interesting tracks are leading from St. Moritz to Tirano, the southern part of Valposchiavo. On the way up to the top of Bernina the railway is climbing a height of 2253 m a.s. without gear drive! A digital relief will be employed for the first time ever in this simulation. You will experience a unique depth effect by this newly created mountain scenery in the train simulator. Original rolling engines/cars (with recuperation brake), a novel type of signalisation as well as new demanding adventures will captivate your attention. Meer info
  43. € 21,90 € 18,10 Excl.
    - Mit 10 spannenden Aufgaben
    - Zweispannungstriebzug Allegra ABe 8/12
    - Deutsches Handbuch
    Benötigt: Microsoft Train Simulator und Bernina-Express von simtrain Meer info
  44. € 34,90 € 28,84 Excl.
    First flown in the 1960s, this rugged and versatile twin-engined aircraft is a light utility aircraft, mainline airliner and cargo aircraft that can carry nine passengers and one pilot.
    Designed and originally manufactured by Britten-Norman of the United Kingdom, the BN-2 Islander's simple tough design make it ideal for daily operation in and out of rough grass and unprepared strips - as short as 300m - in weather conditions that has even the sheep running for cover!

    Two exterior model variants (BN-2A and BN-2B) with related lighting accessories and thirteen liveries included. Meer info
  45. € 45,75 € 37,81 Excl.
    De ideale wegwijzer in het oerwoud der conventies. Op deze cd-rom staan alle normale bied- en speelconventies kort beschreven. De in Nederland gangbare conventies komen uitgebreid aan bod. Aan de hand van vele oefeningen en 30 spellen kan de gebruiker zijn kennis testen. Berry Westra vertelt ook welke conventies hij aanraadt. Meer info
  46. € 27,50 € 22,73 Excl.
    Oefenen is belangrijk voor wie beter wil gaan bridgen. Progress + 1 biedt daartoe de mogelijkheid. De oefenstof is gebaseerd op de cursus Leer Bridge met Berry Westra deel 1. Meer info
  47. € 27,50 € 22,73 Excl.
    - Oefenmateriaal bij elk hoofdstuk van Leer Bridge met Berry Westra deel 2
    - Oefenspellen met foutmeldingen plus uitleg
    - extra biedquizzen
    - miniatuur speelfiguren om uw spelinzicht snel te verhogen Meer info
  48. € 27,50 € 22,73 Excl.
    Leer bridge met Berry Westra is dé leermethode in Nederland. En deze cd-rom is hét interactieve lesmateriaal om het bridgespel snel in de vingers te krijgen. Bij de oefenspellen wordt u bod voor bod en slag voor slag begeleid, zodat u direct op uw fouten gewezen wordt. Leerzamer kan niet! Meer info
  49. € 27,50 € 22,73 Excl.
    Leer bridge met Berry Westra is dé leermethode in Nederland. En deze cd-rom is hét interactieve lesmateriaal om het bridgespel snel in de vingers te krijgen. Bij de oefenspellen wordt u bod voor bod en slag voor slag begeleid, zodat u direct op uw fouten gewezen wordt. Leerzamer kan niet! Meer info
  50. € 19,50 € 16,12 Excl.
    Verantwoord slembieden is niet eenvoudig, zelfs niet voor topparen. Sommige conventies gelden als onmisbaar. Op deze cd-rom worden ze behandeld en kunt u ze interactief oefenen. Tevens bevat de cd honderd oefenspellen, waarin u zich naast het bieden ook kunt bekwamen in het spelen van slemcontracten. Een absolute aanrader voor iedereen die zijn resultaten op slemspellen wil verbeteren! Meer info
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