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Ullmann′s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry DVD Edition 2013


Ullmann′s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry    DVD Edition 2013

Uitvoering Digital
Uitgever Wiley VCH
Taal Engels
EAN 9783527333110
ISBN 978-3-527-33311-0
ISBN10 3527333118
The complete online content of the 8th edition, accessible through a user interface that offers fast access and numerous search functionalities. The content can be installed onto a local PC or in LANs. Now fully compatible with Windows 7 software.
More powerful than ever, Ullmann′s is the definitive reference work for all fields of industrial chemistry, and is certain to hold its number–one position for generations to come. For this revised electronic edition of the Encyclopedia all revisions and improvements of the 7th printed edition (released in August 2011), plus a number of new and updated articles not found in the print edition, have been included. Users will find exciting new information on, among others: Acrylonitrile, Antipsychotics, Bioseparation, Capillary and Microchip Electrophoresis, Cast Iron and Cast Steel, Catalytic Fixed–Bed Reactors, Chiral Compounds, Chloroacetic Acid, Coal Liquefaction, Fluid Mechanics, Glass Fibers, Hard Materials, Luminescent Materials, Metallic Foams, Micro Process Technology, Mutagenic Agents, Photochemistry, Plant and Process Safety, Poly(Vinylidene Chloride), Polyoxymethylenes, Process Systems Engineering, Propylene Oxide, Radiation Chemistry, Surgical Materials, Yeasts, and Zeolites. Added to all this are the familiar advantages of the superb user interface: Browser–based application, quick installation in local area networks, quality ranking of search results, freely adjustable window, fast access to topics of interest by powerful search facilities and context display, extensive cross–referencing to other articles. In short, fast and reliable coverage of every area of international chemical technology.