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iPad & iPhone Administrator's Guide (Engels)

Enterprise Deployment Strategies and Security Solutions​

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Securely deploy iPads and iPhones on corporate networks

Seamlessly integrate iPads and iPhones into your company's IT systems using the detailed instructions contained in this practical book. 'iPad & iPhone Administrator's Guide' shows you how to use iPads and iPhones as business devices and manage them tightly with Apple's enterprise tools. Learn how to connect iPads and iPhones to your organization's wireless network and mail servers, equip users with the apps they need to be productive at work and outside it, and provide access to essential data without compromising security.

- Plan your deployment and choose suitable iPads and iPhones
- Activate iPhones quickly using iTunes' activation-only mode
- Set up iPads and iPhones automatically using iPhone Configuration Utility
- Set up Wi-Fi and VPN connections manually or with configuration profiles
- Connect iPads and iPhones to Microsoft Exchange and other mail servers
- Choose the best third-party apps, install them, and keep them updated
- Install custom enterprise apps using provisioning profiles
- Load and transfer documents via File Sharing and third-party tools
- Give iPad and iPhone users remote access to your network
- Manage Windows or Mac OS X servers from your iPad or iPhone
- Secure iPads and iPhones with strong passcodes-and wipe their contents remotely if they're stolen
- Troubleshoot hardware and software problems