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The Collected Works of Geoffrey J. McLachlan

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Bladzijden 1776

This collection includes:
Finite Mixture Models
By: McLachlan
ISBN: 9780471006268
Describes the formulations of the finite mixture approach, details its methodology, discusses aspects of its implementation, and illustrates its application in many common statistical contexts.
The EM Algorithm and Extensions, 2nd Edition
By: McLachlan
ISBN: 9780471201700
The EM Algorithm and Extensions, Second Edition successfully provides a basic understanding of the EM algorithm by describing its inception, implementation, and applicability in numerous statistical contexts.
Analyzing Microarray Gene Expression Data
By: McLachlan
ISBN: 9780471226161
Following a basic overview of the biological and technical principles behind microarray experimentation, the text provides a look at some of the most effective tools and procedures for achieving optimum reliability and reproducibility of research results.
Discriminant Analysis and Statistical Pattern Recognition
By: McLachlan
ISBN: 9780471691150
This book provides a modern, comprehensive, and systematic account of discriminant analysis and statistical pattern recognition.